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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Basing, basing, basing! Part 3

So having spent the last week completely re-organising my 6mm Baccus Franco-Prussian war project, painting up additional troops to cater for the change in basing style, I have made what I feel is significant progress!

I have an entire French Imperial division painted and based (but not flocked or painted) and without further ado here is a photo:

This will be Verge's division from the Army of the Rhine as of the 1st August 1870.

Out front is the divisional command stand (2 mounted figures - in this case representing Verge with an aide). Behind the command stand is the attached battalion of Chasseurs (3rd Chasseur battalion -1
base = 1 battalion)mounted on a pill style base.

Behind the Chasseurs, you have the line infantry. 2 brigades, each of 2 regiments, each regiment consisting of 3 battalions (mounted on tablet style bases) with their single mounted brigade commanders on the right.

The divisional commander is on a 1 inch circular base, the brigade commanders are on 3/4 inch circular bases. I did order some 1/2 inch circular bases for the brigade commanders but these, I felt were slightly too small.

Then, to the left, you have the divisional artillery park. The rules these figures are primarily based for are Zouave II by Bob Jones. In these rules, 2 artillery bases make up a battery. The artillery are based on 1 inch hexes consisting of the following;

x2 Mitrailleuses bases (1battery)

x4 4pdr RML cannon (2 batteries)

x6 limbers.

Here follow some close ups of the division:

As an additional note, wargames manufacturers have intimated in the past at shows etc, that few wargamers actually bother with things like limbers, caissons, and supply wagons.

I can understand why. I came to paint the limbers last when everything else had been painted and based and saw it as a bit of a pain in the arse. But I persisted with 6 of the little devils - after all I had bought them!

However, I am glad that I did persist and paint, and base them, as it definitely adds to the visual appeal of the division. I will be adding limbers for all artillery pieces. Unfortunately as far as I can tell there are no FPW caissons available in 6mm but might be able to use some from an ACW range. Supply wagons are easy to find in 6mm for the period and will definitely add these in to the army as it grows. Again it will add, for such a small thing, a lot of visual appeal on the tabletop.

I intend also to run campaigns and in the battles, baggage will able to be captured with severe consequences as a result as it did have in the FPW and all other wars I have ever read about.

So I can understand why other wargamers don't bother but it surprises how many don't when talking to traders. I urge you all to make sure your armies are well provided for in limbers, caissons, and wagons, it adds so much for a little bit more effort.

Well, 3 posts in one week! Pretty happy with that. Will try to post at least once a week on here and should have another division based next weekend. Mind you, I've got to paint and flock the bases yet. Oh and talking about basing, I used a product straight out of the tine for the earth effect texture on the bases. It called coarse pumice paste. I bought it on Amazon after seeing it used in a Gruntz painting and basing video. It seems to work very well.

I will do some close up shots of it when I finish painting and flocking this divisions bases.