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To help me focus on war gaming the latter half of the 19th century and track my own progress thereby creating and indeed furthering my desire to get on with it. Hopefully without too many distractions.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Next Stage

So progress has been a little slower the last two weeks but with the bank holiday weekend progress is once more resumed.

I realised that the photos of the finished division sitting on its shelf were a bit poor due to bad lighting and my iPad camera being rubbish. I gave my D-SLR to my sister for her birthday as she is a keen amateur photographer. I just keep it sitting on the shelf and only use it for the odd wargames photo.

I originally bought the D-SLR as I am an avid Motorsport fan but I haven't been to a race for a while now so it was pointless letting it get dusty in its case on a shelf.

So next payday will definitely see an investment in a handy but good quality normal digital camera. Unfortunately, until then I will have to make do with my phone camera. I would say iPhone but then it would seem like I am a yuppie primarily sponsored by Apple. This is not the case, my iPhone is an iPhone 4 which I refuse to upgrade on to a new expensive phone contract. I have had since it's release from new and my mobile phone contract costs are about £13 a month with more free minutes and texts than I will ever use.

My iPad Air was a freebie from work as I work for a large B2B IT reseller and service provider. So no, I'm not an overpaid yuppie, if you saw my flat, you would know that ;-)

So anyway, what have I been doing? Well, boring stuff really. Prepping and under coating the next lot of figures. The foremost requirement now is for a second completed French division. For this, I initially have 24 strips of French Imperial infantry in skirmish order to paint. The marching figures (2 strips of each for each base, each base equalling a battalion) are already painted as this was originally going to be a full size V&B project. As previously stated, the absorption of so many strips into a base to get it too look right nearly drove me insane.

So, I have prepped the skirmish figures and started to experiment with different painting techniques as well just to see if you can still get a division to a base as quickly but with an up gunned/higher detail painting technique that results in a much more gratifying finish.

After quite a lot of painting of the mega micro minis I feel comfortable and experienced enough to still get a good results even when experimenting. All that will happen is that one battalion will look slightly different to the next.

Anyway, before I drone on anymore, here are some photos of all discussed above. As well as a photo of a new Baccus order to keep me going with the new basing.

UPDATE: I officially hate Google+ as it won't update with my latest photos and nothing I do will get it to upload! Google and Blogger don't link or work properly!!!

Now got it to work so here are the photos: