Mission Statement

To help me focus on war gaming the latter half of the 19th century and track my own progress thereby creating and indeed furthering my desire to get on with it. Hopefully without too many distractions.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Basing, basing, basing! Part 4 - the final!

So a new week and a new post. Work was busy last week but still managed to finish the basing for Verge's division and without further ado here are is the division:

Apologies for the poor light but this the division totally finished from a distance. 

The division from the left hand side with the divisional commander (Verge) in the foreground. 

The division from the centre right perspective.

The right middle of the division, the two brigade commander in the middle and the two Mitrailleuses (1 battery) and the start of the 2x 4pdr batteries.

The full shot of the 4 guns that make up the 2x 4pdr batteries. 

I am now very happy with the way this basing looks and my quest for how to base my Franco-Prussian war miniatures. Progress will now be ongoing to recreate the armies of the French Imperial phase of the war as of August 1870.

This coming weekend should, all other things being equal, see further progress and a new blog post. I am aiming to post at least once a week, either on a Sunday, or Monday, depending on how drunken the weekend is or if I have money left in my account or not :-)

So stay tuned. Lots to do, which means lots more photos!